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Here’s Why You Need a Walk in Wardrobe      

Despite the fact that walk in wardrobes have always been associated with luxury, a lot of people are finding ways to get their clothes out of their bedroom space and into one organized room. if you want it, you can have it. All you need is an ocean of clothes and a set of display ideas to turn that dark annex space into a fashion sanctuary.

The whole idea of a Walk in wardrobe is to transform your dressing experience from painful and frustrating to fun and explorative.

Whether you’d like a clean display of your labels or you’re just a neat organization type of a person, we have expertise that allows us to design closets perfectly both in terms of aesthetics and convenience.

The following are the attributes of a well-constructed Walk in wardrobe;

  1. A functionally designed space filled with drawers and shoulder-height shelves for storing infrequently used items. Transparent crates are a good storage option for shoes and boots and are best stored underneath the regular drawers. Since a walk in wardrobe is a room allocated to clothes alone, wouldn’t it be convenient to have laundry space in there too? Better still a built-in-chest for holding dumped clothes temporarily?
  2. Efficient hanging characterized by pliios and acrylic shelf dividers keeps things tidy. Pliios present a great organization strategy for t-shirts so you have a clear view of each t-shirt every time you open the drawer.
    The hanging rail over your drawer units allows for space to store personal items such as perfumes and lotions.
  3. Sufficient lighting and a mirror, the size to fit your makeup and dressing needs.
  4. A window-less room makes a great storage area. Privacy is a gain too. This means that you can make your private room as personal as you deem fit. That wild painting you can’t risk hanging on your living room can now welcome you every time you walk into your closet.

Despite your enclosed interior, we are well able to create perfect air conditioning to fight humidity so none of your leather belongings suffer from mold.

Part of our role as professionals in craftsmanship is to educate you on what every walk in wardrobe design should entail.Don’t just stay there with your enormous/average space. Work with us to give your stylish home a systematic and decluttered closet.

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