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Why you should consider a custom-made TV feature wall

There is no shortage of reasons for a homeowner to have a custom-made TV feature wall. Well, there are plenty of discussions related to this subject and the purpose of this article is to discuss the reasons why you should have a tailor-made design for your TV feature wall.


  • Flatscreen TVs are supposed to be mounted on a wall

    As of today, all the TV units come with flatscreens. That means they serve their best when mounted properly on a dedicated place such as a wood feature wall. These TV units come with mounting holes in their back so they can be mounted perfectly on TV wall cabinets.


  • Thy are safer

    Compared to having your TV placed on the table, having it mounted on an open shelving wall or a laminate feature wall is very safe. Your TV is solidly mounted on the wall unit so there is hardly any chance for it to flip over. This is particularly handy if you have small ones or notorious pets in the house. Pretty much all the newer TV units come with a weight of around 20 kg so having your TV mounted on a dedicated wall is easier and safer. However, if you leave the TV on a table console, there is a possibility for the TV to fall over. If you place it your TV on a table or so, children or pets may run into the furniture and get injured.


  • They save space

    Using a mounted TV on a wall is not only efficient but also saves a considerable amount of space. Assume that you have a living room and, having a separate entertainment area to place your TV will require a large real-estate of the floor in the room. You already have couches, coffee tables, and other furniture and on top of that, you should have some walking space as well. In that case, the best and the most logical solution is to have your TV placed on a custom-made TV feature wall. Moreover, it helps you eliminate the clutter significantly in the living room.


  • They assure cleaner look

    One of the most obvious reasons for modern-day homeowners to go for wall-mounted shelves is the cleaner and neat appearance they provide. As a result of mounting your TV on a dedicated TV feature wall, you can have your media cables organised. With a conventional setup (where you place your TV on table console), you will leave plenty of cords jumbled around. However, wall-mounted shelves allow you to create a very neat appearance. In addition to that, custom made TV feature walls come with hidden storage compartments as well. You can use that precious storage space to store plenty of things reducing the clutter and enhancing the cleaner appearance.


So, those are some of the benefits associated with custom made TV feature walls. And importantly, you need to get the assistance of a professional, well-experienced carpenter to design and install such feature walls on your home.
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