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How to Create the Perfect TV Console Design for Your Home

Have you been searching for a custom TV console but can’t seem to find anything that fits your unique style? Maybe you’ve browsed catalog after catalog of premade consoles but nothing stands out. Don’t worry, with a few tips you can design a one-of-a-kind TV console that will become the centerpiece of your living room. Creating something custom means you have full control over the size, wood type, hardware, and any special features. Work with a carpentry expert to bring your vision to life. Before you know it, you’ll have a console you love that adds warmth and character to your space. Read on to learn how you can create the perfect custom TV console design for your home.


Choose a Style That Matches Your Home Decor

Choosing a style that complements your home’s decor is key. Do you have a rustic cabin vibe going on or is your style more contemporary chic?

For rustic styles, a distressed wood console with metal accents is ideal. Look for one with sliding doors, mesh wire doors or a live edge slab top. These earthy, textured pieces blend right in.

If your home leans modern, a sleek low-profile console in glossy lacquered wood or metal is perfect. Think minimalist designs with rounded corners, perforated patterns or retro-inspired hairpin legs. Pair it with decorative objects in copper, rose gold or marble for an elegant touch.

For bohemian or eclectic spaces, choose a console with global influences like carved wood doors, colorful tile work or woven rattan baskets. Mid-century modern and industrial styles also work well here. Mixing and matching pieces with different finishes or from different eras embodies the free-spirited vibe.

Whatever look you’re going for, measure the space you have for your TV console ahead of time. You’ll want to leave room for components like gaming systems, streaming devices and speakers without the console feeling overcrowded. And of course, be sure to choose a size and design that fits your television! Finding a console that checks all the boxes for your needs, budget and personal style will result in a setup you can enjoy for years to come.


Determine the Right Size for Your Space

The size of your TV console has a big impact on both the look and functionality of your space. Think about how much surface area you need for your TV, cable box, streaming devices, decor, and any storage compartments. Measure the area you have available and keep these tips in mind:

Leave enough space around the console

You’ll want at least 2 to 3 feet of clearance on all sides of the console for easy access. Make sure doors and drawers can open fully and that you have room to comfortably sit and view the TV screen.

Size up your TV and components

Know the dimensions of your TV, cable box, streaming media players, speakers, and any other electronics you want to house in or on the console. Leave extra surface area and storage space for any future upgrades. It’s better to go a size bigger than necessary.

Consider your storage needs

If you have lots of movies, games, remotes, and other media accessories, look for a console with shelving, cabinets and drawers to keep everything organized and out of sight. Open shelving works well for frequently used items while closed storage hides clutter.

Match the scale to your room

A hulking console will overwhelm a small living room while a tiny table may get lost in a large family room. Choose a size and style that fits nicely within the scale and decor of your space. For tight areas, consider a wall-mounted shelf or cabinet instead of a full console.

By taking the time to determine the right size console for your needs, space and budget, you’ll end up with a smart, stylish solution that anchors your living room and provides a perfect platform for enjoying all of your home entertainment activities for years to come. Focusing on function and form will yield rewarding results.


TV Console Designs for Small Living Room

When space is limited, the design of your TV console matters. Here are some tips for small living rooms:

Keep it low profile

Choose a console that is low and wide, rather than tall. A unit that’s 30 inches high or less will make the room feel more open. Look for consoles described as “low profile” or “mid-century modern”.

Consider corner units

Corner TV consoles are shaped to fit neatly into a corner, taking up less wall space. They provide storage and surface area on two sides while opening up the rest of the room.

Use multifunctional furniture

An option like a media credenza can serve as both a TV console and storage furniture. It has cabinets and drawers to hide accessories, gaming systems, and other clutter. A nesting or lift-top coffee table is another space-saving choice, raising up to the perfect height for a TV while still functioning as a coffee table when lowered.

Keep an open concept

Choose a console with an open-concept shelving design. This avoids a bulky, boxed-in look and makes the room feel more airy and spacious. Glass or acrylic doors on some compartments allow you to hide clutter while still maintaining an open feel.

Mount the TV to the wall

If possible in your space, mounting the TV to the wall is an ideal option for small rooms. It eliminates the need for a TV console and opens up floor space. You can then add a simple media shelf or cabinet under the wall-mounted TV for components and storage.

Following these useful tips will help you create a small yet stylish TV console design perfect for your cozy living room. With some smart choices, you’ll gain valuable storage and surface space without sacrificing an open, minimalist style.


Include Ample Storage for All Your Components

Cabinets and Drawers

Incorporate cabinets and drawers into your TV console design for storing all those pesky components like streaming devices, gaming consoles, remotes and cords. Drawers are ideal for smaller items that can easily get lost like remotes, charging cables and various connectors. Cabinets with doors provide a concealed storage option for larger components.

Go for a console with at least two to three drawers and one or two cabinet spaces. For the ultimate in storage, you can’t go wrong with four to six drawers and two cabinets. Having separate areas for each component type will make it much easier to keep everything organized and your space clutter-free.

Adjustable Shelving

In addition to cabinets and drawers, adjustable shelving provides another useful storage solution within your TV console. Shelving gives you flexibility in how you arrange and organize components since you can adjust the shelf heights to fit everything just right. For example, you may want shorter shelves for a streaming media player and taller shelves for a sound bar.

Cord Management

Don’t forget about cord management! Make a TV console with built-in cable routing holes, slots and clips to keep all those messy cords neatly organized and out of sight. Cord management features will ensure your space looks clean and prevents tripping hazards from exposed cords.

Ample storage, cord management and adjustable features in your TV console design will help create a functional, organized media center in your home. Keeping all your components and accessories in one consolidated place will make your space feel less cluttered and your devices easier to access whenever you want to enjoy some screen time.

Custom made TV Console

You now have all the key ingredients to create a custom TV console that perfectly suits your space and style. With some thoughtful planning, the right materials, and a skilled craftsperson to bring your vision to life, you’ll end up with a beautiful focal point for your living room that provides both form and function.

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