Custom TV Cabinets - Fit to Your Style and Space


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Custom TV Cabinets: Built to Fit Your Space and Style


You are planning to get a new TV cabinet and want something that actually fits your space and style. Off the shelf options just won’t cut it this time. You need custom. Custom TV cabinets are the only way to get furniture tailored to your exact needs and design preferences. No more squeezing a square cabinet into a corner space or settling for something that sorta matches your decor. With custom, you get to choose the wood, the finish, the hardware, and the dimensions to ensure your new entertainment center fits perfectly in your home. Sure, custom costs a bit more, but for a centerpiece of your living room that you’ll have for years, it’s worth it. Custom means quality, long-lasting furniture that’s made just for you. Off the shelf can’t compare to that.


Custom TV Cabinets Provide the Perfect Fit

A custom TV cabinet is built specifically for your space, so you get the perfect fit every time.

  • No more squeezing a too-big cabinet into a too-small spot or leaving extra space on the sides of an undersized model. Custom means made-to-measure so your new furniture will seamlessly suit your room.
  • You also get to choose details like wood type, finish, hardware, and any extras like drawers or doors to create a look you love. Whether you want a sleek modern style or a rustic reclaimed wood design, custom cabinets give you options galore.

Off-the-shelf cabinets are mass produced, so you’re stuck with whatever sizes and styles the store has in stock. With custom, the possibilities are endless! Work with a craftsman to design the cabinet of your dreams. They can even match existing woodwork or incorporate special features like remotes, wiring, or component storage.

For a furniture piece as focal as a TV cabinet, custom is the way to go. Yes, it may cost a bit more upfront, but for a flawless, functional fit and furniture you’ll have and love for years, custom cabinets are worth the investment and you’ll feel a surge of satisfaction every time you turn on the TV.

So don’t settle for generic. Go custom, get creative, and end up with a TV cabinet that’s as unique as you are. Your space and style will come together in a made-to-measure masterpiece.


Design a TV Cabinet to Match Your Decor

A custom TV cabinet is the perfect solution if you want storage that fits your space and style. Rather than settling for an off-the-shelf cabinet that kinda-sorta works, you can design one tailored to your needs.

First, think about the size of your TV and components so you have enough room for everything. Do you need shelves for a sound system, game console, streaming device and Blu-ray player? Make sure to measure the depth, width and height to determine the minimum size your cabinet should be.

Next, consider your decor and the overall look you want. A sleek, contemporary cabinet with clean lines? A rustic, reclaimed wood cabinet for a cozy cabin vibe? Maybe a glam cabinet with mirrored doors for your Hollywood Regency living room. The options are endless.

Also, think about storage for other items like DVDs, books or board games. Add-ons like drawers, cabinets and adjustable shelves provide extra space for whatever you need.

With custom sizing and style options for your specific needs and taste, a custom cabinet ensures your TV and components are showcased attractively. And with all your gear and accessories organized behind closed doors, your living room will look polished and clutter-free. A custom TV cabinet really is the best approach for a setup that’s both functional and fashionable.


Storage Options Galore: Create the Space You Need

Storage for All Your Components

A custom cabinet provides storage tailored to your specific TV setup. Want space for your cable box, DVR, DVD player, and gaming console? No problem. A custom cabinet can include specialized compartments for each component, keeping your gear organized and the cords tidy.

Shelving for Your Collections

Do you have a library of movies, video games, or other media you want to display? Custom cabinetry can incorporate open shelving, cabinets with glass doors, pull-out drawers, and other storage options to house your collection in an attractive way. Your collection will be on full display, yet protected from dust.

Hidden Storage

If you prefer a minimalist look without visible shelving, a custom TV cabinet can provide hidden storage. For example, you might have cabinet doors that conceal pull-out drawers for media storage, or you could have a cabinet base with storage under the TV platform. A custom cabinet can maximize your storage space in a way that complements your decor.

The Perfect Fit

An off-the-shelf cabinet may not suit your space or style. A custom TV cabinet is built to your room’s exact dimensions for a perfect fit. You can also choose details like wood type, finish, hardware, and molding to match your home’s decor. The result is a seamless, built-in look that appears as if it was designed for the space.

A custom cabinet opens up more possibilities for an optimized TV setup and storage. You can have spacious shelves for displaying collections, hidden drawers for a minimalist look, specialized compartments for components, and a perfect fit for your room’s dimensions. The versatility of custom cabinetry allows you to create your ideal TV furniture with storage options galore.


Durability and Quality: Built to Last

Solid Wood Construction

A custom TV cabinet is built to last using high-quality, solid wood like oak, maple or pine instead of particle board or MDF. Solid wood is durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the weight of a large TV without sagging or breaking. It’s also resistant to scratches, dents, and water damage. An off-the-shelf cabinet may start to fall apart after a few years of use, but a custom solid wood cabinet will last for decades and hold up well to daily use.

Precision Joinery

The joints in a custom cabinet are securely fastened using wood glue and precision joinery techniques like rabbets, dadoes, and tongue and groove. These strong, tight-fitting joints prevent the cabinet from wobbling or coming apart over time. Factory-made cabinets often have weak joints that start to come loose after a short period of use. Strong joinery is essential for any cabinet that will hold heavy equipment like a TV.

Customized Storage

A custom cabinet can be designed with storage that suits your needs. This includes adjustable shelves for components, drawers for media and remotes, cabinets for gaming systems, and ventilation for overheating equipment. You can also choose doors that retract into the cabinet to keep an open look or cabinet doors that fully enclose the space. Whatever configuration works best for your living room setup and equipment.

Having a custom cabinet built is an investment, but its unparalleled durability and quality ensure it will last for years to come without needing replacement. An off-the-shelf cabinet may seem like an easy, budget-friendly option but will likely need replacement within a few years due to wear and tear. For a long-term solution, a custom solid wood cabinet with precision joinery and customized storage is your best choice.


FAQ: Custom TV Cabinets

Will it match my decor?

A custom cabinet is built to suit your unique style and space. You choose the wood, finish, hardware, and any accents to perfectly match your home’s decor. An off-the-shelf cabinet may not blend in as well and often requires additional work to modify it to your needs.

What size options are available?

Custom means you get to select the exact dimensions that will fit your room and television. Standard sizes may leave unused space above or on either side of your TV. With custom, the cabinet is sized to make the most of your wall space for an integrated look.

How much do they cost?

While custom work does come at a premium, for some the quality of materials and perfect fit are worth the investment. Custom cabinets are also built to last a lifetime. Price depends on the materials, features, and complexity of your design, but expect to pay between 20 to 50 percent more than a stock cabinet.

How long does it take to build?

The build time for a custom television cabinet can vary significantly depending on the materials and design details, but plan on at least 4 to 8 weeks. The cabinet must be built from scratch based on your approved plans. Off-the-shelf cabinets can typically be delivered within a week.

Can I get extra storage?

Definitely! A major benefit of custom cabinets is that you can incorporate as much or as little storage as you need. This includes drawers, shelves, cabinets, and media storage for components. Create specialized storage for media, gaming systems, and peripherals. With custom, the possibilities for an all-in-one entertainment center are endless.

In summary, while more of an investment, custom television cabinets provide a perfect fit, quality, and style for your space that off-the-shelf simply can’t match. For many, the rewards of custom craftsmanship far outweigh any extra costs or time required. Your custom television cabinet will become a focal point of your room that lasts for years to come.

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