Cozy Custom Platform Bed, Options for Customisation


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Why Platform Bed Carpentry Is What You Need

Platform bed carpentry is a great choice for anyone who wants a raised platform with sturdy bed frames and customizable options. The deal with placing your bed or mattress on a platform, with the aid of platform bed carpentry, is that amongst other things go get enough storage and space for your bed footprint. Besides the space you’ll be getting, the platform bed carpentry allows you to divide space effectively. It gives you a smart and practical way to address space constraints.

Not to forget that the platform bed carpentry can be achieved with different wood types and designs.

What does platform bed carpentry have to offer you?

  • Customisation options
    First and foremost, you get customisation options. Knowing that the platform bed affords you space gives you room to customise the space that’s below the bed. With this, you get the opportunity to customize different ideas and bring them to life. For instance, you can create a nice work desk or a cozy nook. The best thing about this is that you can pack the desk or nook beneath the bed, when not in use.


  • Bedding remains neat when cleaning
    Another great thing about the platform bed is that your bedding won’t touch the floor. This is especially great for neat freaks. How does this work? The custom made platform ensures that your bedsheets are above the foot. This means they won’t be in the way while you clean the floor.


  • Extra storage
    Also, one benefit that cannot be overemphasized is that platform bed gives you extra storage. How does this work? The deal is you can put items like luggage under the bed. So, you’re getting the dual advantage of additional storage space and sleeping space with sturdy frames.


  • Raised platform
    A raised platform is another factor to consider. Reason being that it helps produce unique elevations in the house. Also, raised platforms can adapt to several usage options. For one, in the bedroom, it can reward homeowners with a friendly space that will look appealing to family and friends. You can also tweak it to create a cozy and elevated reading space that can conceal storage spaces. The addition of a raised platform with the help of a larger platform gives the feeling of fun to the spaces it helps create.


  • Sturdy frames
    One great thing about platform beds with raised platforms is that it rewards homeowners with flexible and customisable space options without negatively impacting the structural integrity of the bed. With our platform bed carpentry, you’ll get a well-structured bed that is sturdy and rigid.

Well, platform beds are fashionable and provide you with a host of benefits. In addition to other benefits and factors listed above, it is great for children that are prone to rolling off their bed.

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