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Kitchen Cabinet Design


The kitchen is where we cook our favourite meals and dine with our loved ones. That is why it’s important that our kitchens are well-designed – so we can make the time spent preparing and having our meals a more pleasant and enjoyable one. To help you create a functional yet stylish space, here are some kitchen designs and ideas:


Types of kitchen design styles and shapes


  1. Open-concept kitchen
    Considered to be a norm in HDB flats today, kitchens with an open-concept design integrate the cooking area with your living space. This can be useful and convenient for those who need to juggle other tasks while preparing meals, such as keeping an eye on the kids. An open-concept kitchen also brightens your space as it allows more light to enter it.
    However, cooking grease and odours can easily travel to other parts of your home. To manage this, consider installing a cooker hood to remove bad odours, and a backsplash to control grease splatter.


  1. Single Wall kitchen
    For smaller homes, having a single-wall kitchen can help to maximise your limited space. As the name suggests, a single-wall kitchen refers to a kitchen where all the items you need to prepare your food and clean your dishes are flushed on a single wall. This feature can help you save construction or renovation costs. As the areas in which you prepare, cook and wash your dishes are concentrated in the same space, this also increases your productivity in the kitchen.


  1. Open shelving kitchen
    Instead of built-in cupboards, kitchens with open shelves can make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is. They also allow you to reach for your essentials without hassle, and if you have fancy tableware, this could be your opportunity to display them!
    If you’re unsure if open shelves would suit your lifestyle, try removing the cabinet doors in your kitchen for a few weeks, and evaluate if you like the look and feel of them. Otherwise, you can also consider having a mix of both open and closed shelves to enjoy the best of both worlds.


  1. Kitchen island
    One of the most sought after kitchen designs, an elegant-looking kitchen island is sure to spruce up your kitchen space. It is also multi-functional as it acts both as a storage unit and a workstation to prepare your meals. To save even more space, install a cooktop and sink onto your island too. You can even surround the island with chairs to convert it into a dining area!
    If you find that a stationary island permanently placed in the middle of your kitchen might obstruct movement when the kitchen is not in use, how about using a portable island? Simply take it out when you need it, and keep it away when you don’t.


  1. L-shaped kitchen
    In an L-shaped kitchen, two perpendicular dividers are adjoined to create an L-shape frame. Such a layout is great for efficiency, as you set up a coherent workflow for moving around the stove, sink and fridge.
    The design is best suited for small to medium-sized kitchens, while those with bigger spaces can consider incorporating a kitchen island into their L-shaped kitchen.


  1. U-shaped kitchen
    Designed like a horseshoe, a U-shaped kitchen design has its cabinets and counters lined against three adjacent walls. This layout is highly efficient as you can easily navigate to and from your sink, cooktop, and sink. With countertops on three different sides, you can readily access your appliances and have ample space to prepare your meals.


  1. Gallery kitchen
    With parallel kitchen tops and a more narrow walkway, gallery kitchens are a common sight in HDB flats due to their compact design.


When you’re planning the layout of a gallery kitchen, the goal is to make the area look as spacious as possible. To do so, avoid using tall cabinets, or keep all your storage to just one side of the kitchen. You can also maximise the space by having built-in items or keeping items off the countertop.


Things to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen


  1. Dim lighting
    You don’t want to be cooking in a dimly-lit kitchen – not only would that be uncomfortable for your eyes, it can also be a safety hazard. Make sure your kitchen is well-lit to avoid cooking-related injuries due to poor lighting.


  1. Insufficient storage
    At the end of the day, the kitchen needs to be functional – that means having enough storage space to keep your pots, pans, plates and utensils. Having cabinets and drawers to organise your kitchen would also be important to prevent a mess as you whip up your dishes.


  1. Bad workflow
    Workflow refers to the way you move around the kitchen and access different appliances and areas to prepare your meals. If your kitchen design does not have a good workflow, you may waste your time searching for food items, or walking back and forth just to put your ingredients onto a pan.


  1. Poor ventilation
    A well-ventilated kitchen helps to reduce pungent odours, stale smells and stuffy air in your cooking space, and improves the air circulation in your home. You can install a cooker hood to mitigate odours, or use fans and open kitchen windows to bring in fresh air into your home.


  1. Wrong kitchen designer
    Choosing the right kitchen designer can be a huge lifesaver. You won’t need to fret about renovations that are half-done or completed half-heartedly, and you can save time and effort considering factors such as ceiling height, windows and spacers when choosing and installing items such as kitchen cabinets.


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