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Home Renovation in Singapore


Renovating your home is a huge project – you’re putting in loads of time, money and hard work to make your dream home come true.

While it’s an exciting journey, the process may sometimes get derailed and turn into a huge nightmare. Renovation contractors who do not complete projects in time, overcharge items or provide unsatisfactory workmanship – these are some of the dismal experiences that many people face.

Here’s a home renovation guide to help you avoid renovation woes:


Avoiding renovation woes


  1. Compare itemised quotations
    As a guide, get  2 to 3 quotations from different contractors to select the best option for you. To compare the quotations accurately, ask for comprehensive, itemised quotations. For instance, some contractors may include costs of electrical works, lighting fixtures and painting works in the quotation, while some do not.
    Itemised quotations also help you to know exactly how much you’re paying for each item, so you would be able to manage your budget more easily should you want to add or remove some items.


  1. Make progressive payments
    Instead of paying the full amount upfront, try to negotiate for progressive payments. By paying progressively, you can ensure that the work is almost done and satisfactory when you complete your payment.
    You can opt to pay according to key milestones or by the amount of work done, and make sure you’re satisfied with the work before making your final payment!


  1. Scrutinise your materials
    Ensure that the materials used are what you want by carefully checking the materials stated in your quotation. The quotation should detail information such as the type of paint you’re getting, brand of tiles and the cost per square foot.
    You might also want to take videos or photos when the work begins, to ensure that the materials used are the same as the ones stated. When it comes to items such as paints, taking photos or videos could also be useful to ensure that the paint is taken from the original can.


  1. Engage a licensed contractor
    For such a big and important project, you definitely want the job to be done by someone certified!
    So how can you ensure that your contractor or interior designers are properly accredited and certified? Here are some certification and accreditation schemes you can look at:


Accredited and Certified Home Renovation Contractor


  • CaseTrust Accreditation for Renovation Companies
    The CaseTrust Accreditation for Renovation Businesses, in place since 2004 is an accreditation scheme that recognises renovation companies that are committed toward maintaining good business practices. The companies that have obtained the CaseTrust mark have shown that they prioritise their customers and ensure that they deliver what their customers have paid for.By engaging a CaseTrust accredited company, you can be assured of cost transparency and accountability as well as well-trained personnel that can meet your needs.


  • CaseTrust-RCMA Joint Accreditation for Renovation Businesses
    The CaseTrust-RCMA Joint Accreditation scheme admits members of the Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) that meet CaseTrust’s assessment standards. This leads to more contractors listed on the CaseTrust whitelist, which gives homeowners more options for reliable contractors.


  • HDB Approved contractor
    For Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats, your contractor must be listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractors. The contractors would have at least 3 years of experience and have completed the HDB’s training course, which allows them to know how to renovate flats without leading to structural damage. They must have also owned the company and registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority for at least a year.


  • RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner
    The RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner Course by the RCMA Academy aims to promote and improve the standards of the industry. RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioners (CRP) undergo a 7 week course that focuses on the safety, ethics, rules and regulations for managing renovation projects. They also work with a firm with at least $50,000 paid up capital and have a HDB license permit.


  • Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Scheme
    The Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Scheme was developed to elevate the standards of interior design in Singapore. It defined core skill sense and competencies for practicing interior designers and allows practitioners to constantly upskill and keep abreast of the latest industry knowledge in view of evolving industry changes. This also allows customers to better assess and qualify the IDs before engaging them.


Should I choose an Interior Designer or Renovation Contractor?

Interior designers typically manage the overall design and project, while the actual renovation process would likely done by contractors that specialise in the renovation areas. So should you engage a contractor directly, or go with an ID?

Contractors would be the cheaper option and would be a good choice if you already have an idea of what you want in mind. You will have to be much more involved in the renovation process, such as measuring dimensions for your furniture and making markings on the floor plan.

Meanwhile, an interior designer would be able to handle all your renovation needs, including designing and research, scheduling and managing deadlines, as well as purchasing furniture and inspecting defects. If you have a hectic schedule or would prefer to leave the design and renovation works to professionals, an ID might be the better option.

Alternatively, you may also opt for contractor-IDs. Contractor-ID firms focus on executing renovation works, but are also able to provide project management and design services (e.g. 3D drawings) where required. This would be ideal if you already have an idea of what your home would look like, but do not have the time to personally oversee the details and project.

And whether you choose to go with a contractor or ID, remember to ensure that they are experienced and certified!

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