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Guide to Customised Wardrobes in Singapore

You want a wardrobe that’s perfectly suited to your needs and style. No more squeezing extra clothes onto overcrowded racks or wasting time digging through piles to find what you need. Whether you live in a sprawling house or smaller apartment/flat, custom wardrobes can greatly help how you store and access your clothing.


Why Choose a Customised Wardrobe?

A customised wardrobe is the ultimate storage solution for any home. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in one:

Maximize Your Space
A customised wardrobe is built to fit the exact dimensions of your room, so you can utilize every inch of available space. No more wasted corners or awkward areas you can’t use! A customised design also allows for features like pull-out drawers, hanging rods at multiple heights, and smart storage cubbies tailored to your needs.

Save Time
Do you waste precious minutes every morning searching for a matching pair of socks or your favorite tie? A customised wardrobe keeps all your clothing, accessories and other items organized and readily accessible so you can get dressed and out the door in a snap.

As your needs and style changes over time, a customised wardrobe can adapt with you. Extra rods, drawers and storage units can be added or reconfigured. Open shelving can be swapped for cabinet doors. Your wardrobe grows with you, so you’ll never outgrow it or have to start from scratch.

Long-Lasting Quality
Customised wardrobes are built to high standards using durable, solid wood and materials so they can withstand daily use for years to come. With proper care and maintenance, a customised wardrobe will serve you well for 10-15 years or more. That’s longevity you just won’t find with off-the-shelf options.

If maximizing space, saving time, flexibility and quality are important to you, then a customised wardrobe should be at the top of your list for storage solutions. The investment in a custom design will pay off with a wardrobe that suits your needs now and for years to come.

Determine Your Wardrobe Needs and Budget

To plan for your customised wardrobe, you’ll need to figure out exactly what you need and how much you can spend.

Start by assessing your current wardrobe. What do you already have enough of? What’s missing or needs replacing? Make a list of the essentials you need for work and play so you can shop efficiently. Consider your lifestyle and hobbies too. If you’re always on the go, extra storage space is a must. If you love entertaining, you’ll want easy access to your fancier duds.

Next, determine your budget. Custom wardrobes can vary significantly, depending on the materials and design. Meet with carpentry designers to get quotes and find one in your price range.

Once you know what you need and can afford, think about how much space you have. Measure your room carefully and use an online wardrobe planner to create different layout options. Consider a walk-in wardrobe, which provides separate areas for folded clothes, hanging clothes and accessories. Or you may want specific zones for each family member.

With the right wardrobe, you’ll have a perfectly organized space for all your belongings. But without proper planning, you could end up with an expensive closet that doesn’t actually meet your needs. Spend time assessing how you really use your wardrobe and build a customised solution focused on function, quality and budget.

Customised Wardrobe Price

Customised wardrobe price varies depending on the size, materials, and features. Wardrobes made of high-quality wood and with organizational features like drawers, shelves, and hanging rods at multiple heights will be at the higher end of the range. More affordable options include laminate and melamine wardrobes. Get quotes from multiple suppliers to compare.


Customised Wardrobe Design and Build Process

Once you’ve decided on a customised wardrobe, the next step is designing and building it. This process typically involves the following steps:

The first step is a consultation with your wardrobe designer. They will take measurements of the space you have available and discuss your needs, style preferences, and budget. Be prepared to provide photos of wardrobes you like as references. Based on this discussion, they will create an initial design proposal for your approval.

Design Finalization
Work with your designer to review and finalize the design. They can make modifications to the layout, finishes, hardware, and other details until you have a design you’re happy with. The final design should maximize your available space and include all the storage you need.

Manufacturing and Installation
With the design approved, manufacturing of your customised wardrobe components will begin. This typically takes 3 to 6 weeks. Once complete, the installation process starts. The installers will assemble all components on site, ensuring everything is level, secure, and functioning properly. They can also dispose of any existing wardrobe units or shelving in the space.

Quality Inspection
Before the final handover, the carpentry installer will conduct a final quality inspection to ensure your new wardrobe meets the exact specifications of the design. They will check that all hinges, drawers, doors, and hardware are working properly. They can make any final touch-ups or tweaks needed to the installation.

With the right designer and installer, getting a customised wardrobe in Singapore can be an easy, streamlined process. The end result will be a high-quality storage solution that fits perfectly in your space and suits your needs. Your new wardrobe can make organizing your clothing and accessories a breeze for years to come.


Customised Wardrobe Carpenters

Once you’ve decided to invest in a customised wardrobe, the next step is finding a reputable carpentry company in Singapore to design and build it. Here are some tips to help you choose a company that will meet your needs:

Look for companies that specialize in customised wardrobes. These companies will have the experience and expertise to help you create a wardrobe that suits your space and needs. Check their portfolios to see examples of their work.

Ask about their design and construction process. A good company will want to understand how you use your space and your needs for storage and organization. They should provide drawings of your design for approval before construction.

Discuss their rates and payment schedule upfront. Customised wardrobes are an investment, so you want to find a company that is transparent about their pricing and offers fair rates for the quality of work. Most will require a deposit to start, with the balance due upon completion and installation.

Once you’ve selected a company, schedule a consultation. Come prepared with measurements, photos, ideas, and questions. Be ready to discuss styles, wood types, finishes, fittings, and any specific storage needs. A good customised wardrobe designer will be able to provide recommendations to optimize your space.

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