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The Ultimate Deal on Custom Furniture

Nothing beats the feeling of possessing something that has been made based on your specifications. Something that reflects your style and has a unique touch to it. Something no one else owns but you.

Custom furniture serves an objective the design world hasn’t figured out yet. Not once or twice, clients have found themselves in the glory of artisans after unknowingly solving design challenges when giving details for their custom orders.

We pride ourselves in turning your ideas for your ideal furniture into reality. A supposedly intimidating venture but worth it in every way.

What you stand to gain from going custom with your furniture;

  • Space
    You might not have a huge home and the little space that you have can easily look crowded and cluttered. You don’t want to risk using store-bought furniture that might be too big and cumbersome for your area
    A custom-made sofa or table provides a solution that transforms any layout into a first-rate space for relaxation and they will fit directly to their intended space.
  • Adaptability
    The power of choosing every component for your equipment including the type of stitches, furniture, and wood is yours. Liberating, huh!
  • Time-saving
    Why waste a lot of valuable time sourcing for an unavailable furniture design when it’s just an order away? Whether it’s a cabinet with secret storage for your office or a climbing wall for your kid, we’ve got you covered.
  • Cost
    Custom furniture has a reputation for being expensive. This isn’t entirely true. You can always negotiate the price with your craftsman to fit your desired budget. Cheaper wood exists.
  • Quality
    Craftsmen take pride in custom orders as they are an expression of their clients’ confidence in them. Rest assured your carpenter will put in his prime effort to build you a new piece that has substance and merit.

Detail matters most when you’re proposing your project to the artisan. Be sure to gather measurements, and inspiration materials and images. The options for what can be customized are endless. Pretty much everything in your home. From your bed to your doors, even your kid’s toy.

Smaller woodwork such as cabinetry can take 4-6 weeks of carpentry while larger projects such as beds and sofas can take longer time. After all, don’t all good things go to those who wait?

In a world dominated by cheap fast-fashion retailers, it’s easy to get swayed from the amazing world of custom furniture. Instead of going for mass-produced goods from overseas, get yourself one made precisely for you by local craftspeople and artisans. It has a sentimental value to it.

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