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Custom Cat Furniture


You love your feline friend and want to spoil them with the very best. But those generic cat trees and scratching posts from the pet store just won’t do. Your cat deserves custom furniture that matches their unique personality. The good news is, with custom cat furniture, you can create cozy cat havens they’ll adore.

These custom pieces will give your cat spaces to play, nap, scratch, and perch while complementing your home’s decor. Your cat will thank you for their new favorite furniture with lots of purrs and snuggles. And you’ll feel great knowing your custom cat furniture brings your feline family member so much joy.

Why Choose Custom Cat Furniture?

Why settle for generic cat furniture when you can have pieces custom-made for your feline friend? Custom cat furniture offers several benefits over store-bought options.

  • Built to last. Custom cat furniture is constructed using high-quality, durable materials that can withstand scratching, climbing, and lounging. No wobbly or unstable pieces here!
  • Perfectly suited. Since the furniture is made to order, it can be designed to match your home decor and your cat’s needs. Want a cat tree that reaches the ceiling or a kitty condo that fits in the corner? Not a problem.
  • Promotes wellness. Custom cat furniture provides opportunities for exercise, play, and rest. Your cat can climb, scratch, nest, and perch, all while staying safely indoors. Multiple levels, tunnels, and dangling toys will keep your cat active and engaged.
  • Blends right in. Don’t want an eyesore in your living room? Custom cat furniture can be stylishly designed to seamlessly blend into your home. Choose wood, upholstery, and accents that complement your existing decor.

For your cat’s health, happiness, and your home’s harmony, custom cat furniture is the purr-fect solution. While store-bought may be cheaper upfront, custom pieces are an investment in your cat’s quality of life for years to come. And that’s something both you and your feline companion can feel good about.

Popular Types of Custom Cat Furniture

When it comes to custom cat furniture, the options are endless. Here are some of the most popular types to consider for your feline companion:

Cat trees are a great way to give your cat vertical space while also providing scratching posts and nesting spots. Models come in all shapes and sizes, from small corner units to ceiling-height cat condos with multiple perches, tunnels and dangling toys.

Window perches attach to any window sill, allowing your cat to bird watch in comfort. Padded, carpeted bases and sides give them a cozy spot to nap in the sun.

Scratching posts and pads give your cat an appropriate place to scratch, saving your furniture. Look for posts at least 1 meter high, made of natural sisal rope or cardboard. Scratch pads can be horizontal or vertical.

Cat beds, mats and hammocks make perfect lounging spots. Raised cat beds keep your cat off cold floors. Hammocks attach to windows or stands, gently swaying as your cat relaxes. Mats and pads can be placed anywhere.

Litter box furniture conceals the litter box in a cabinet or enclosure. Your cat can enter through a small opening, but the box is hidden. Look for models with air vents and liners for easy cleaning.

With custom cat furniture, you can create a cat-friendly space in any room. Your cat will appreciate all the choices for scratching, climbing, napping and playing. And you’ll appreciate how happy and entertained your feline friend will be.

Custom Cat Trees: Providing Vertical Space

To give your feline plenty of vertical territory to claim as their own, a custom cat tree is ideal. These multi-level structures provide platforms at varying heights for your cat to perch, play, and nap while also giving them opportunities to scratch, climb, and bat at dangling toys.

When designing a cat tree, think about your cat’s habits and preferences. Do they like enclosed spaces? Open platforms? Toys that make noise? Places to scratch? Incorporate features like:

  • Hidey-holes or cubbies: Enclosed spaces where your cat can curl up and nap or play. These nooks give them a sense of their own space.
  • Multiple levels: Having three or more levels at staggered heights gives your cat options to choose from and the ability to climb up and down. Platforms around 12 to 36 inches off the ground are good for most cats.
  • Scratching posts: Including sisal-wrapped posts on the tree gives your cat appropriate places to scratch and stretch. This helps redirect them away from your furniture.
  • Toys: Adding a few of your cat’s favorite toys to the tree, like feather toys, crinkle balls, or laser pointers, makes it an engaging play center.

When placing the cat tree, choose a spot that gets lots of natural light and that’s in a central location where your cat likes to spend time. This makes the tree a natural gathering place in your home for your feline companion. With the right design and placement, a custom cat tree can become your cat’s ultimate hangout spot and playground. Giving them this dedicated vertical space helps keep them stimulated, exercised, and content.

Custom Cat Wall Shelves

Cat wall shelves are a great way to give your feline companion vertical space to climb, perch and nap while saving floor space in your home.

Mounting Considerations
When choosing a wall shelf, consider how it will be mounted. Shelves that attach directly to wall studs are very sturdy but may limit placement options. Shelves that use wall anchors can go nearly anywhere but have weight limits to consider. For most cats, a shelf rated for at least 15 kg should be sufficient.

  • Look for shelves with sanded edges and carpeted platforms for your cat’s comfort.
  • Place the shelf at least 1 meter off the ground, out of reach of other pets.
  • Consider a multi-level “cat tree” design for maximum vertical space.

Location, Location, Location
Put wall shelves in locations your cat already frequents, such as near windows where they like to bird watch or in hallways where they patrol. This increases the chances your cat will use and enjoy the new shelves.

  • Shelves near scratching posts, toys or food bowls also make good spots.
  • Avoid placing shelves over furniture or walkways in case your cat accidentally falls off.

Make it Cozy
Once your shelves are installed, add some creature comforts to make them extra cozy cat havens.

  • Place a cushion, blanket or cat bed on the platform.
  • Add some toys, feathers or crinkle balls to bats around.
  • Consider a small scratching post or pad attached to the shelf.
  • For shy cats, you can even add sides or a roof to make the shelf more enclosed.

With the right location and amenities, wall shelves can become your cat’s new favorite hangout spot in your home. Providing vertical space and enrichment will help keep your feline friend happy, healthy and out of mischief.

Custom Cat Beds: A Cozy Place to Curl Up

One of the best gifts you can give your feline friend is a custom cat bed. Rather than a generic pet bed from a store, a customized bed will become your cat’s own personal sanctuary.

When designing a custom cat bed, choose a shape that will cradle your cat in comfort, such as a round or oval bed. Add high walls that provide a sense of security and privacy. For extra coziness, line the bed with a soft material like faux fur, fleece or sheepskin. These materials are irresistibly plush and help insulate from cold floors.

You’ll also want to consider your cat’s favorite sleeping positions. If your cat likes to sprawl out, an oversized bed is perfect. For a cat that curls up, add a bolster or bumper around the edge of the bed for your cat to snuggle against. You can even build a canopy over the bed for a hideaway effect.

When it comes to size, bigger is better. Cats love having extra room to stretch out, roll over and knead with their paws. An ideal custom cat bed measures at least 24 inches in diameter and 6 to 8 inches high.

A custom cat bed made with love will become your feline’s refuge for years to come. And the sight of your cat blissfully curled up in their cozy new bed will warm your heart every time.

Cat Cabinet with Hidden Litter Box

One of the most popular types of custom cat furniture is a cabinet that conceals the litter box. This provides your cat with privacy while using the bathroom and contains the mess and odor within an enclosed space.

A cat cabinet typically looks like a regular cabinet from the outside but has an opening for your cat to enter. Inside, there is space for a litter box, litter, and other supplies. Many cat owners prefer cabinetry that matches their home decor so it blends right in. You can find basic cabinets as well as stylish furniture-grade pieces.

When choosing a cat cabinet, look for:

  • A spacious interior: Make sure there is enough room for the litter box, litter, scoop, and any other items. Your cat should be able to comfortably enter, use the box, and exit.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation, like air vents or a mesh panel, prevents unpleasant odors from building up inside the cabinet. Some models include built-in air purifiers or deodorizers.
  • Easy access: A cat door or other opening that allows your cat to freely enter and exit the cabinet. The opening should be appropriately sized for your cat and any other pets in your home.
  • Sturdy construction: Look for a cabinet made of high-quality, durable materials that will contain litter and odors effectively for years to come. Wood, metal, and certain plastics are good options.
  • Additional features: Some cat cabinets provide added benefits like non-skid pads to prevent sliding, interior lighting, and pull-out trays for easy cleaning.

A cat cabinet keeps your litter box mess neatly contained while providing a private, cozy space for your feline companion to do their business. With the right choice, you’ll have a custom cat haven your pet will adore.



So there you have it, some inspiration and tips for creating a cozy cat haven your furry friend will love. With custom carpentry, you can craft furniture and spaces that fit your feline’s needs and your home’s style. Pay attention to your cat’s habits and preferences to build furniture they’ll actually use.

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