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Custom built storage ideas for a small house

If you have a sizable home, allocating space for storage will not be a difficult task. However, when it comes to a small home, smart measures must be taken in order to utilize available space efficiently. With that being said, custom built storage ideas emphasized in this article can be of great use for those who own small homes.

  1. Utilize unused space in your bathroom

More often than not, there can be an empty space behind your bathtub. You can place a thin, custom built storage in this space (depending on the available space). This storage can have shelves to match your requirement. You should discuss with your carpenter about the stuff you are going to store in this cabinet so that he will plan the inner design accordingly. It is always better to paint the cabinets with the same color to match the walls of the bathroom so it doesn’t look congested.

  1. Bunk beds that complement storage drawers

Beds are exceptionally important furniture items in your house. If you have really limited space, in your house, bunk beds can be a really efficient idea. In general, bunk beds are a great choice for kids. If your carpenter is smart enough, he will suggest some extra shelving underneath the bottom bunk bed utilizing the available space to the maximum.

  1. Drawers fixed into the side of staircases

One of the best space-saving tricks a you can consider is placing drawers under the staircases. A good carpenter can necessarily embed these drawers even to the steps and create seamless, hidden storage. This method may easily work if you are planning to build newer storage or planning a refurbishment; you cannot apply it for traditional staircases.

  1. Smart utilization of cabinet shelves

Custom built cabinets can be of great use only if the shelving is done smartly. Let your carpenter know about the stuff you are going to store in respective cabinets for him to plan the built-in shelving accordingly. It is better if you can have separate compartments inside a cabinet to store items like vacuum cleaner, floor polisher, ironing board etc. Hiding those items will give your house a neater, cleaner and well-organized appearance.

Apart from the points mentioned above, an experienced and skilled carpenter will be able to suggest various custom-built storage ideas to match your kitchen, room spaces, offices etc.

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