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Carpenter Work Singapore

The remarkable craftsmanship in woodwork has existed for centuries, dating back to the stone age. Since then, knowledge and skills for this art have been passed down age after age, bringing to life what is known as modern-day carpentry.

Our almost obsessive passion for woodwork has led us in an aim to bring back the amazingly intricate and carving work practiced by skilled artisans in previous generations. A carpenter can choose to specialize in either of two carpentry categories;

  • Rough carpentry deals with work involving construction/renovation such as scaffolding, framing, even installing a subfloor. Craftsmen in this category may choose to specialize in one particular job or a variety.
  • Delicate carpentry focuses more on adding finishing touches to a task. Do you need your baseboards done? Or your elegant cabinets built? Maybe you want a hardwood floor for your home. The delicate carpenter is your guy.

Thanks to technology, craftsmen can now work with tools including saws, drills, rulers, plumb-bobs, square levels, compasses, etc. to bring to reality wood designs that remained a mere fantasy. Ultimately, turning homes into healthier living environments.

One needs no college degree/diploma to become a carpenter. Even so, an admirable piece of woodwork may leave you marveling at the intrigue and level of intellect that the craftsman applied in building such.

The following qualities make a quality carpenter

  1. Experience and skills. Every good artisan is backed up by years of training from skilled carpenters in their specialties. More experience builds better results.
  2. Detail orientation. Carpentry requires an attention to detail and a high level of accuracy as one miscalculated move can easily affect a related task.
  3. Math skills are important especially when it comes to reading and understanding blueprints. One may also need to calculate needed materials, the time required to complete a job, or estimate working cost.
  4. Physical strength comes in handy particularly when there is a need to carry heavy wood or other materials from one place to another.
  5. Problem-solving skills are a must have for carpenters. Carpentry is full of difficult designs and plans. At least they can always fall back to their critical thinking in view of such a case.
  6. Honesty and trustworthiness. Who wants to entrust their belongings in the care of an artisan in whom they’ve got no faith?

Our workforce is extremely capable, interested only in providing superior service at a considerable cost. Visit us today for a taste of quality and efficiency at its best.

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