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Carpenter for Kitchen Cabinets

As a homeowner, you might need to consider various remodeling, construction, or new installation tasks to maintain the value, appearance, and optimal condition of your home. Remodeling or installing a new custom kitchen cabinet is one of those tasks that can uplift the overall value of the home. However, to get the job done correctly, you should find the best contractor. With that said, you can follow the recommendations below to make the searching process easier.


  • Determine the type of job

    First, you should determine the type of job that needs to be done. Do you need to get a completely new custom kitchen cabinet? Or do you just need an upgrading job done to the existing cabinet? You should choose a carpenter based on the type of job.


  • Customer reviews

    Customer reviews are one of the most effective ways to find a good carpenter to get your kitchen cabinets done. So, you can check customer reviews online or ask for references before proceeding.


  • Portfolios of completed works

    You can check or request for portfolios of the past projects completed. What is the design like? What is the workmanship and quality of materials used? How is the overall look and functionality of the design? Is the style, material, finishes, and accessories used matched to your style? Are the space design and other considerations like lighting, ventilation properly incorporated in the kitchen cabinets design? Based on the portfolios of the past completed works it may help you to see what is the likely outcome that you may have when you engage the carpenter.


  • Get a proper quotation

    After short-listing a couple of carpenters based on the above criteria, request for a proper and complete quotation. You need to check whether any add-on or extra charges that may be incurred on top of the given quotation. Carpentry pricing is competitive nowadays. So, if there is pricing that is too way out from the norm (either too high or too low), do not too hastily reject or accept the quotation. The difference in pricing may be due to the grade of the materials quality used. So, it is wise to properly examine and properly compare the pricing of the quotations given.


  • Renovation contractor certification

    If you are doing more extensive renovation for your home including hacking works or removal of walls or floor tiles, you will need to check whether the carpenter contractors is a properly licensed renovation contractor. This is especially necessary if you are doing renovation for your HDB flat, the contractors need to have HDB Renovation Contractor license.


Looking for a experienced carpenter that produce good quality kitchen cabinets matched to your style, requirements and budget would require some efforts and searching works. But it is necessary to do so to avoid problems down the road.
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