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Walk into a furniture shop and there may be an array of chic items that catch your eyes. But these ready-made chairs and wardrobes could be missing some design details that best suit your style, or not have the right dimensions to fit the space in your home.

No, you do not have to put up with them. Instead of buying furniture off the shelves, consider directly engaging a carpenter to make customised furniture, all just for you.

Here’s what you need to know about making your furniture one-of-a-kind:


Benefits of custom carpentry

With direct-factory carpentry services, you get to call the shots. You have full control of the construction of your custom furniture and ultimately, your dream home.

From the design of your kitchen cabinet to the type of wood and finish used for your bed frame, you can customise your carpentry in a way that best showcases your style and personality. This also helps your furniture to go well with your home’s design theme, such as a minimalist style or Scandinavian concept.

The size of the furniture would also be tailored precisely according to your needs and wants, and you won’t experience problems such as the wardrobe being too high up the ceiling or the TV console taking up more space than you wanted to.

Since they are made to fit the dimensions of your home, they also help you make the most out of your space and give it a clean and organized finish. This would come in especially handy if you are dealing with awkward spaces or small corners.

While hand-crafted furniture usually cost more than pre-made ones due to the amount of time and craftsmanship required, it could help you reap benefits in the long-run. With custom woodwork, the interior of your home would appear more unique and aesthetically appealing, which helps it stand out from the many others in the market. This could hence boost your apartment’s property value should you sell it in future.

Such furniture also makes a good investment as they will also be of a higher quality and thus more durable than mass-produced ones.


Custom carpentry works and its cost components

Doesn’t matter whether you are looking to revamp your living room, bedroom or kitchen – the types of furniture and carpentry that can be customised are of a wide-range.

Some examples include custom wardrobes, platform beds, TV consolesvanity cabinets and kitchen cabinets. You can choose to have TV consoles that are wall-mounted or ceiling hung, vanity cabinets that use doors or drawers, and walk-in wardrobes with casement or sliding doors.

More examples of custom carpentries include:

  • Feature walls
  • Bed frames
  • Shoe cabinets
  • Tables and desks
  • Shelves and storage cabinets

The cost of these works depends on factors such as the size required, materials used and type of finish. And, the complexity of design and the amount of work that has to be put into it also play a part in its cost.

When asking for a quotation, you should bring along image references or drawings so the carpenters can visualise what you are looking for, and suggest what are the best materials, finishes and techniques needed to bring your ideal furniture to life. Remember to also measure the dimensions required!

Usually, the design would need to go through a few revisions before the final version is decided on.


Selecting carpentry contractors

Carpentry is a skilled trade and definitely no easy job. Hence, be sure to find a contractor that has years of experience in the industry, or a company that specialises in carpentry. Engaging a well-skilled carpenter also saves cost as the use or wastage of materials will be kept to a minimum, and chances of having to do maintenance and or repair in future will also be low.

It is thus also important to check the types of materials they use. For instance, instead of compressed wood, they should use plywood that is of a higher quality.

Additionally, ask the contactors if they are offering any guarantees on their workmanship. In the event that you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product, a warranty can be a great life-saver in helping you save the additional costs and trouble of remaking another one.

To reduce costs, consider contractors that manufacture the products in their own workshop. If they have an in-house team of designers, electricians and plumbers, that could also make the planning and execution much more convenient and cost-efficient.

You should also obtain quotations from a couple of contractors to compare their prices, and request for a detailed cost breakdown to avoid hidden additional fees.

Lastly, request for the portfolio of the contractors. They should have samples of work and materials available for you to find out more about their style and inspect their workmanship. If they have completed works similar to what you’re looking for, you can be all the more assured that you are in good hands!

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